GK Leonitis | Present-Minded Hedonist who is a CLUB-ROCKING RAPPER
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GK Leonitis | Present-Minded Hedonist who is a CLUB-ROCKING RAPPER
March 2, 2022
GK Leonitis is an up-and-coming rapper in Atlanta and currently has a big hit in the south, “Pressure” which is one of those jams that just, you know, get you crunking.

Is there anything better than when that song plays at the club and everybody gets on their feet and starts grinding up on each other? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If that is your idea of heaven, then this episode is for you! Not that we make any wonderful beats, mind you, but we do talk about how someone’s experiences get them there.

GK Leonitis is an up-and-coming rapper in Atlanta and currently has a big hit in the south, “Pressure” which is one of those jams that just, you know, get you crunking. You can listen to that here: https://youtu.be/MrHIUyvISaI 
We talk about what it was like growing up in Little Rock, AK, which is not what you think it is. We also talk a great deal about the experiences that influenced his music: growing up with a father who was a musician, hanging out on the streets of Little Rock which, and this was a surprise to me, was just like growing up in the inner city of most big cities, and the unfortunate situation that landed him in prison. Usually, landing in the big house would be used to influence music by talking about the experiences in prison, but GK’s experience got him to realize that life was NOT what he wanted and instead he focused his life, and his lyrics, in talking about the good things in life: eating good food, driving nice cars, sex with beautiful women, and living carefree and passionately doing what you want to do. Pretty inspirational stuff! 

This episode’s sketch: “Yo, What’s Your Next Idea?”

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Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, GK Leonitis comes from a legendary local rap label called “A-State Hustlaz" and was later managed by Yandy Smith. He released several songs and videos over the past years. When he’s not in the studio, making beats, or writing lyrics, he enjoys fine dining, expensive champagne, and spending time with his family. His music is unpredictable, stimulating, and the soundtrack into the depths of his tireless determination. As a highly acclaimed producer and writer, GK Leonitis' music will hypnotize and keep listeners craving more.



[00:00:00] Stuart: in this episode, rapper G. K. Leonidas and I came up with a few sketch ideas. What if there was like a scariest guy in prison pageant, like sort of like the miss America but it's whoever's the scariest dude, a music video shoot that just goes way out of hand, like it's way too many things going on and you can't keep track of it, I'd like to perform but where the sexy ladies and then our job is to go out and try to find sexy ladies and see if we can find sexy ladies so that you can record, which one did we pick? You'll find out on this episode of it's a sketch comedy podcast show. Welcome to sketch comedy podcast show. The one of a kind show where I Stuart rice invite interesting people to have intriguing conversations and then improvise a comedy sketch based on whatever we talked about. Is there anything better than when a song plays at a club and everybody gets on their feet and starts grinding up on each other. Yeah, I didn't think so. If that's your idea of heaven then this episode is for you. Not that we made any wonderful beats, mind you, but we do talk about how someone's experiences get them there. G. K. Leonidas is an up and coming rapper in Atlanta and currently has a big hit in the south pressure which is one of those jams that you know get you cranking you'll hear some of that in just a little bit. We talked about what it was like growing up in little rock, Arkansas, which is not what you think it is? We also talked a great deal about the experiences that influenced his music growing up with a father who was a musician hanging out on the streets of Little Rock, which and this was a surprise to me, was just like growing up in any inner city of most big cities and the unfortunate situation that landed him in prison, usually the landed in the big house would be used to influence music by talking about the experiences in prison. But G K's experience got him to realize that life was not what he wanted and instead he focused his life and his lyrics in talking about the good things in life, eating good food, driving nice cars, sex with beautiful women and living carefree and passionately doing what you want to do. It's pretty inspirational stuff. And now my conversation with G. K. A. Leonidis, present minded hedonists, who is a club rock and rapper. Alright, G. K. Hey, I've got a question for you real quick. What makes you interesting?

[00:02:45] GK Leonitis: I am who I am.

[00:02:49] Stuart: It's a good answer. Yeah. So who are you? Like, tell me, tell us who you are? Like what makes you you

[00:02:57] GK Leonitis: I'm G. K. A. Leonidis, that's who I am. Yeah, what makes me me is my father's firing my mother's egg a collision. And they bonded

[00:03:13] Stuart: thank goodness because uh we we needed that we needed some G K. In the world and and they brought it, they brought it. Yeah. So g kur a musician. Yes. Right. How did you how did you get into music? Like how is that a thing that happened for you?

[00:03:33] GK Leonitis: Uh I really was born into it. You know my father he was doing music like in the sixties seventies and I just always grew up around music. My my great I mean my grandfather he was in a popular gospel group, So I'm just musically in time. My mother was a producer back in the 70s 60s. So just musically inclined. I just grew up and just music second nature to me.

[00:04:00] Stuart: Okay. It was it was a lot of like gospel, well what

[00:04:04] GK Leonitis: my grandfather was Gospel, my pops was like soul funk, you know I mean Yeah I grew up running around the house and you know he had all these sequences and keyboards and drum machines and stuff, all hooked up in the middle of uh two bedroom apartment with seven people in there, you know what I mean?

[00:04:30] Stuart: So you were you were not told like hey get your hands off that you messed things up a little bit of that.

[00:04:40] GK Leonitis: Yeah definitely. It was like

[00:04:45] Stuart: sure, but were you encouraged to like hey this is how this works like.

[00:04:51] GK Leonitis: No no it was like yo don't touch this, but we used to I used to stand around and watch a lot. Okay. Yeah so like I just it just came second. But no, definitely equipment was

[00:05:05] Stuart: Sure. Sure. Um, seven people in the apartment. That was that just family or was that?

[00:05:11] GK Leonitis: That was just family.

[00:05:12] Stuart: Oh, wow. Big family,

[00:05:13] GK Leonitis: my brothers, my sister, my mother, my father, a couple of cousins, you know,

[00:05:20] Stuart: it was good, tighten it.

[00:05:23] GK Leonitis: Yeah, it was tight knit, you know, everybody came together and you know, make the best of, you know, what we had, you know, who was able to do that?

[00:05:34] Stuart: Where, where was that at? Where did, where did you grow up?

[00:05:37] GK Leonitis: Okay. It's southwest little run. Okay.

[00:05:42] Stuart: Yeah. Okay. I, so I don't know a ton of rappers that come from Arkansas,

[00:05:48] GK Leonitis: right? I don't know many either, you know, but it's crazy because we have like an indie scene with a lot of people that's respected in the local community and it's got a lot of talent, you know? But going mainstream is something that only a few have done.

[00:06:05] Stuart: What does it take to go mainstream? Like I'm obviously it's going to take like, I mean it takes like that one breakout single or that one.

[00:06:16] GK Leonitis: Yeah, so it definitely starts with the music, you know? But then it comes with the marketing, you know, a lot of people don't understand marketing branding, you know, and that's just something that I'm, you know, I'm learning and I'm applying and I'm seeing the benefits.

[00:06:36] Stuart: That's good. Um, yeah, you made a real wise decision being on this show. Just just personal opinion I

[00:06:43] GK Leonitis: think.

[00:06:45] Stuart: Um So All right. So you grew up and it is is little rock small. It seems like it's

[00:06:54] GK Leonitis: Well, it's funny because like our metro area, you look it up, it's uh it's a little over a million with the metro area. Little rock. Yeah, it's like maybe like 600,000, you know, something

[00:07:05] Stuart: like that. Alright, that's substantial. Yeah,

[00:07:08] GK Leonitis: it's actually a little rock is actually seeing, you know, a lot of people think of Arkansas and think like horses and cows and cowboys and stuff like that. No concrete jungle. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:07:24] Stuart: Yeah. Um But when you guys were little kids, did you go play cowboys? And did you go play cowboys in the street because it was still Arkansas and that was the thing, you

[00:07:35] GK Leonitis: know in the streets where I grew up? Yeah. We play the way we played on scooters and bikes and playing basketball. We played a killer man football. You know what that is.

[00:07:47] Stuart: You know what's kill a man football? What's that man football?

[00:07:51] GK Leonitis: It's like every man for themselves. Yeah. You get the ball. Everybody's trying to

[00:08:00] Stuart: I remember that game. We called it something different that wouldn't be allowed to be called that today. Yeah, I'll just go ahead and say it was it was a game at the time. It was smear the queer that's what they used to call that game. Yeah, we can't that's not an okay statement at this

[00:08:23] GK Leonitis: boycott. It

[00:08:26] Stuart: was before cancel culture. You can't go cancel a bunch of seven year olds at that point, but I think that's a much better. Kill the what does it kill? The,

[00:08:34] GK Leonitis: kill a man,

[00:08:35] Stuart: Kill a man. That's way better. You can kill a man, you just can't call them anything else. Alright. Alright. So alright, so you grew up as kind of like a normal childhood, you had a bunch of equipment around, you take us through that, like after after being a kid in Little Rock, like where did you go? What did you what did you end up doing?

[00:08:57] GK Leonitis: Well, you know, I uh um left high school tried college, you know? And I went to a city outside of Little Rock. And one thing about yourself is there's no city like little uh you know, so it's like it's like it's real gangster where I'm from. So it's like I went to these other places with these ways and I got in a lot of trouble and I started a prison stints.

[00:09:29] Stuart: Really? Yeah. Okay, so that happened, you were in college when that happened or you

[00:09:37] GK Leonitis: know like my first semester I went to college, I was I was driving back and forth and I ended up getting pulled over and they found some drugs. Yeah was bagged up, like it was ready to be sold, you know? So I ended up, you know, I was actually driving and I had I was driving my my friend's car. He was in the car, my brother was in the car, Another one of the homies was in the car and we get pulled over. I just said it was my took responsibility and a lot of people don't do that. They like to say get out the car, it's not my car, I don't know whose it is, you know what I mean? Everybody get the charge and I don't believe in that. I just I just took my charge,

[00:10:24] Stuart: wow, that's yeah, that's um I can't say I would necessarily so easily take that. That's pretty, that's pretty noble of you. So it was you were able to get your brother and your other two buddies, you you were able to get them not in trouble. They didn't, they didn't,

[00:10:43] GK Leonitis: they had some interrogation room, they had them in the interrogation room, they had me in a holding cell. So then when I come out the holding cell I joined them in the interrogation room and they were just like laugh at and they were just talking and then I leaned in and said, hey guys remember and everybody was like what what what I say, we got the right to remain silent and then they said to lock them all up and everybody's faces, oh no you should have seen their faces but they let them go immediately because I took full responsibility for it.

[00:11:15] Stuart: What what got you to do that? That was just a it was internal, It was just something you were like

[00:11:20] GK Leonitis: what's the right thing to do in this situation?

[00:11:22] Stuart: It's a good question. Friends

[00:11:25] GK Leonitis: to take a charge. That's yours. Like I don't I don't think that's the right thing to do.

[00:11:32] Stuart: No, I I agree. That's sad. That's an awesome. I mean that's a it's just not a decision like how old were you at that time?

[00:11:41] GK Leonitis: I was 18,

[00:11:43] Stuart: 18. Like what 18 year old thinks that rationally and that selflessly at that moment like I I don't know if I could have, I would have been so freaked out.

[00:11:53] GK Leonitis: But see that's that's the thing, see I was raised by my father by my mother and I had noble guys in the streets that you know that I learned from also. And it was it was just like, you know, it's the right thing to do. You don't, you don't know, put your burdens on other people and then you know, I think that you get any respect from that.

[00:12:15] Stuart: Yeah, no, I I that that's amazing honestly like that just you deciding to do that is it's really cool. Like I think that's really cool. That's a that's a lesson for other people and that's its noble even though yeah, maybe you weren't doing the right thing at the time, but like still taking that and just, hey you guys, you're free go I'll take this. That's pretty great. So at 18 What what happens to you? At 18 when you get pulled over for drugs in Arkansas?

[00:12:46] GK Leonitis: I was, I was in a popular rapper, I ended up going to jail and they gave me some type of outrageous bun. So um I was in jail for like a week and one of the guys in jail told me that I could request the ball reduction, so I requested a ball reduction and they reduced my butt and then, but people was trying to bail me out already. I had no clue. So like the next day I was out, my father, uh you know, for them to bail me out at the time would have been a hit to the pockets, you know, so I wasn't really looking for them to do that for me. So one of the homeless, did you know what I mean? And when they did that, we had a show the next day. Well I believe it was that night we, we had had to go like two hours away and we ended up opening up for uh t I

[00:13:41] Stuart: really? So you were part of a, you were part of a band back then you said it was a popular one, obviously

[00:13:49] GK Leonitis: it was called a State Hustlers and then it was like me and my two Homeys was the Foundation and a State hustlers was a couple other guys and they had a label called black Music and we was part of that. So yeah, everybody where I'm from,

[00:14:09] Stuart: can I ask away, so you end up going to jail, Does that does that kind of help with your credibility? Yeah, I mean I'm just, you know like the the whole like, you know with the persona of like a rap star or rapper or whatever we call rap star, but like it's it's a, what what, what attracts guys like me, like young white kids when I was a kid to rap was like, whoa, that's some completely different, those guys live a life that I have never lived. I've never been to jail at the time. I hadn't, but you know, I've never been to jail, like I don't know what, but to actually go through it like that, does that actually help or what

[00:14:55] GK Leonitis: I mean? I was in jail for like a week or two,

[00:15:01] Stuart: that's still a long time.

[00:15:02] GK Leonitis: I mean I ended up getting out and I ended up going to prison on that charge and I spent two years in prison credibility. I don't, I don't know about that one. I've never thought about having any credibility because I've been to prison, but I'm pretty sure there's somebody who may think that's cool, you know? But it's definitely not,

[00:15:31] Stuart: it's not, it's not cool. No, okay, so you did two years in prison that that was the follow up. So they, did you go to trial and they convicted

[00:15:40] GK Leonitis: you actually actually uh probation And I was just happy that they do like seven years probation or something and I'm just happy I was the one in jail, so I just signed and I just felt like I was invincible and I just was like bucking the system and I ended up heavyweight probation revolts and I ended up getting sentenced to two years in prison and I actually did the entire two years since.

[00:16:10] Stuart: Damn any. What was that? Like, I mean, that's scary for anybody

[00:16:16] GK Leonitis: tell you this. I remember I was getting transported to the unit and I just didn't know what to think because I was like, I was like 180 uh you know, I was pretty cut up, but I was just like, you hear all these stories about prison? And I'm just like, yo somebody tried me, I'm gonna kill him. That's the only thing I can think of in my mind is like so my face was reflecting it. So I remember I was in the holding cell and it was a blessing bus that just got to this unit, and it was like, it was like it's time to eat. So they opened the cell, we walked to the cafeteria. So when I got to the cafeteria, it was crazy because I saw a lot of people that I went to school once upon a time. So it was like, they was like, yo what's up man, we've been hearing about you, what's up? So it was like, it made me kind of relax a little bit but I was in the line and I was about to get to school and I turned And it's this guy he's like 16 and he's like super super cut up, right? And he got a tattoo of the eye on his sport head and his head is and his eyebrows shaved off right? And he literally looks like the hunchback of Notre dame. Like his face is distributed and it literally scared shipped out. I was like oh sh it what is this? I definitely I went back to the holy sale and I was thinking I was going to kill somebody if they play with me like the first time somebody even looking my way I'm stabbing him. So that because I just didn't know what to expect. So you have to just go into this uh I go into the the housing the bags that they assigned me to and when I walk in I'm just looking crazy and I scare everybody in the bigs. I scared him when they're like oh my God we've got this young crazy dude coming here thinking I'm about to terrorize them. So what do

[00:18:19] Stuart: you do, what do you do to make yourself crazy? Like

[00:18:22] GK Leonitis: I'm just like uh okay like uh like uh everybody's like oh my god this guy is looking crazy, he looks like

[00:18:31] Stuart: he's gonna bite us.

[00:18:32] GK Leonitis: I immediately going to sell and break some razors and I'm trying to like make a knife and they like people like what's up? They're coming to myself hey what's up where you from? As I was like from Little Rock but I'm like not being friendly so they started calling people like yo yo you got somebody from Little Rock, they got somebody so all these people that's coming and it just so happened that the barriers that I was in had like some older guys in there that had a lot of um that was like uh they had a lot of clout in the prison so and it was coming I was like what's up man, what's up? It was actually different stuff they do uh like my family, my mother was a school teacher, she taught some of the people in there, talk to some of the kids stuff like that so it was crazy and they were just like man calm down bro, I'm like I need a knife, they're like yo you good like relax and I just couldn't relax but it is done. You know I didn't have to kill

[00:19:32] Stuart: anybody. Well that's good because you might have been in there a little bit longer that happened dude that's a crazy story. Ah But like what you're 18, 19 years old, you're going into prison

[00:19:48] GK Leonitis: Actually at this time. Yeah I turned 21,

[00:19:53] Stuart: Oh you turned 21 on

[00:19:54] GK Leonitis: My 21st birthday, I woke me up,

[00:19:58] Stuart: you didn't even get to go to like a bar of ahead of time. You didn't

[00:20:01] GK Leonitis: get a chance. You know, a lot of these clubs are closed now, but me being a part of the, I was performed at all the clubs in Arkansas uh, in all the videos.

[00:20:15] Stuart: Yeah. Um, okay. So you get out of prison. Um, you get out of prison 23, right?

[00:20:23] GK Leonitis: 22 20

[00:20:24] Stuart: 22 2022. Um, what's, what's next for you man? Like you get out of prison, you're, I'm guessing your band moved on or did they wait for you?

[00:20:34] GK Leonitis: Yeah, I got out of prison. They had an album ready for me. It was like we're gonna just put your braces on these songs and you know, it's time we're gonna put it out. But you know, a lot changed because the unit they sent me to was was a max unit. It was, it was like, it was, it was considered at the time the second worst unit. So I was around a lot of people that have life and long sentences and you know, when I was in there, I just, I grew up and I learned and I just, my self respect and just how so when I came out of prison my mindset and who I was, it was, it was kind of hard for a lot of people to accept the growth and the maturity that came along with me, they still view me as the same person that I was before I went in. So you know it didn't work with that with that whole project, I just preferred to you know do my own thing. Mhm.

[00:21:33] Stuart: Yeah. Um the first of its kind of amazing that they had even thought about you that that's cool for gone for two years but um yeah I could see where all that changed you. What's it like talking to somebody like how close do you get with the other inmates because someone's you know life in prison like their outlook on the world is way different from someone who's gonna be in for two years. What what what were some of the lessons that you did learn? What were some things that you

[00:22:02] GK Leonitis: know well what one of the lessons that are that I really learned a system value of the things that money cannot buy like being able to just you know walk outside whenever you want to being able to do whatever you want to do. Literally a lot of people are in prison naturally, you know, they walk around and they can find their thoughts, their ideas and their actions to our box that they put themselves, they put their own mind into the reality. You can literally do whatever you want to do is just process, you know, you can put the energy into an idea that can manifest. So that's one of these things I learned is you know like not to take anything for granted. And and another thing is respect because in prison, when you, right, when you're around all killers, You know, all these big drug dealers and all these killers and these these people that's extorting people and all these big gang members and you got they got 50 per 70 people under them and they're like really like mob bosses in prison and it's like, it transcends outside. One thing I learned is how to respect another person to, to the t to the utmost with not just with my with my character and my conduct, but with my word choice and you know, so when I get out of prison, you know, I had to learn, my little brother was like, it was a struggle with me to reconnect with society because people tend to be so disrespectful, like unconsciously like somebody can walk by me and bump you without saying, excuse me, somebody can step on your shoes. What I'm saying, part of me, somebody can call you stupid, like that's stupid or you know, it's just disrespect comes to so many different forms every day, you know, and it's just like, yo I'm not accepting that behavior, I'm not accepting that for me, you know what, I had to just like learn how to, you know, separate myself from different types of people, different environments and I actually definitely had to learn how to adjust because it seems like, you know, it seemed like I was more confrontational when I came

[00:24:12] Stuart: Okay. Yeah, I could see that because it's yeah, because um gosh, I'm just, it's making me think about like you're confined to this small space and you have to share everything else. But that one small spaces yours, even people coming into your, to your cell, it was like, it was almost like a violation, like a space area. That's

[00:24:34] GK Leonitis: like that's something that's not really happening. You don't have a cell mate. But yeah, you don't have people just coming into this just

[00:24:40] Stuart: coming in. Okay.

[00:24:42] GK Leonitis: What

[00:24:44] Stuart: was, did you have an experience where maybe you didn't show the right type of respect and something that was your lesson. Like did you get that lesson?

[00:24:53] GK Leonitis: Oh yes and no.

[00:24:58] Stuart: Uh

[00:24:59] GK Leonitis: because when you, when you say, okay, so there was a story, okay, so we're out in the field, it's like a, it's like a chain game type thing. It's like a whole squad. Everybody's lined up chopping their holes at the same time, stepping at the same time. And I remember I didn't want to do that. Only a certain number of people can be out the line, like on the cleanup crew, making sure everybody stay tight, make sure everybody's moving this unit, I just wasn't going to be in line like this. So I got out the line and I was like only like cleaning up like cleaning up, you know, stuff they miss type stuff and like talking with the host wide ride or the guy on the horse, I'm just trying to work my moves because I don't want to do this at all, like I'm trying to work my move and it was somebody that was and that's you know we don't have a lot of time, they call you a shorter, You know, so me being a short hair and there's people in there that got life, these people in there has got 20 years, Gotta do 18 years and they've been in there nine years already. It's like these people are the ones that's not in line. So I remember I just got off the line and I was like I took it, I started doing what they were doing and in that moment I was like yo I don't want to do this, I'm not doing this, you know? But when I did that there was some people that felt like yo you do your short hair, get in the line, you know what I mean? Like this ain't no this you got to get in the line and I just didn't go for that. So I stood up to somebody and we end up so when I stood up to him it was break time whatever, we're going to a different location, I get word hey dude saying when you get to the barracks, you know you're gonna come at you, I'm like alright bet so when I get the word I'm not, it's time to go in you gotta get like shut down, make sure you ain't bringing nothing in and then you know you're going to unit so when I'm not shooting down I'm trying to be the first one so I'm shutting down I go on the unit I'm kind of jogging I get in there I take my clothes like I take my shirt off, I take my shoes off and stuff and I get ready for a fight. I wrote my pants legs up and I'm standing at the door like this right at my cell door and everybody coming in they see me standing there like I'm standing at the door rating so everybody walking past me, everybody walking past everybody walking past so then they see dude dude go he's gonna put some gloves on, he's standing over there and he just looking right so he a part of a big game they called they called the game meeting, they have them in there and then the leader of the gang, he comes in myself and when he comes to myself I got some some oh jesus that there's 20. G. Guys standing to sell with me right alright so what they end up trying to talk about it I explained what was going on you know we talked it out and then um they end up resolving the issue but but later on I found out that there was actually uh they actually was like planning to come stabbing

[00:28:14] Stuart: holy ship that's crazy

[00:28:15] GK Leonitis: based on based on my conversation with them and my understanding in the respect that I was giving them they didn't do that and the dude didn't want to fight.

[00:28:26] Stuart: That's good. Oh man.

[00:28:28] GK Leonitis: And I got like three weeks later because some of the guys that was in the game there was from little rock to and it was just telling me they stood up and they was like nah but they said they literally was ready to do that. Damn.

[00:28:42] Stuart: Yeah that would be uh that would definitely get you to learn respect pretty quick. Um All right so you get out of prison, how is how is all of these experiences, how do they inform like your music like your your music seems more fun than than a lot of other things. Like it's really fun. I really like them all these experiences that you had like all of that. How does it, how did it have an effect on your music? Because obviously like when you came out you you had your group that you're with and it just didn't seem to it wasn't jelling the way it was

[00:29:22] GK Leonitis: a lot of people glorify like the bad side of it, you know what I mean? Like the streets. Yeah. Yeah there's a lot of stuff is glorified or celebrated but me actually experiencing this living this on so many different levels. I literally like I want to have fun, I want to like I want to drive nice cars, I wanna like have sex with beautiful women, I want to travel, I want to eat great food, I want to be flying, I want to be clean and fresh, I want to be with positive people you know I want to make power moves, I don't want to have beef with anybody, I don't want to be shooting and getting shot at, I don't want to do any of that you know I want to have fun, I want to inspire, motivate people and show them that you can really do anything you put your mind to so think about some of this other stuff.

[00:30:13] Stuart: I love it. Yeah. Um so yeah, yeah you have a song, I love the title of it, hold on just a second and I think it was, hold on I am a terrible person for not its the one where you're talking about yourself, do you know what I'm talking about? Do you know what your song? What was it? Yeah tell me about that one. Like what was the inspiration in that one

[00:30:40] GK Leonitis: and love myself? Right? So uh it's just you know self love, you know you gotta, you gotta love yourself before you know you try to love other things or expect people to love, You gotta love yourself, you gotta give it to yourself, you got to look at yourself in the mirror and just love who you are. You know, and and that that's what I do. I'm in love with myself, you know what I mean? It's not like an arrogant thing, but you gotta love yourself. Yeah, just like I said, when she told me that she loved me, I believed because I'm in love with myself, you know what I mean? Like I'm a lovable guy, you know, it's not hard for two for me to believe that she loves me. You know what I mean?

[00:31:23] Stuart: Yeah, because you understand you're like, yeah, if I was not in my body, I'd be all over

[00:31:28] GK Leonitis: myself.

[00:31:32] Stuart: That's that's actually a really good message. And I think where people need to need to like process that I actually had. Um I was sitting down with someone yesterday and we were talking about exactly that. It's like you got to take care of yourself because if you don't how are you going to show love to anybody else? How are you going to do any of that stuff? So that's a good message. Um So you really do kind of focus on like, it's sort of like a hedonists like you all the pleasures, that's what you really focus on,

[00:32:02] GK Leonitis: you know? Yeah, like I don't want to hear a lot of stuff about killing and bullshit and I don't want I don't want to hear that. I don't pay my mind that. So like I make music that I like and I want to listen to him. I can listen to the music that I make and I can enjoy listening to it. You know what I mean?

[00:32:20] Stuart: Yeah. Yeah. When you, when you make a video, how much, how involved are you in that video process? Because that's fascinating to me. Like making music videos is hard.

[00:32:30] GK Leonitis: I've tried to not be involved. It's not, it doesn't connect well, you know? Well I'm hands on. I'm overseeing it and I'm directing it. You know what I mean? And I got the, I got the playback monitors and I see the angles that we're actually shooting and filming it. It just changes things. Yeah. So I would say I'm pretty involved from the, from the beginning when we're coming, we're coming up with the treatment, you know, all the way until we get the angles into the editing process. Yeah, I'm right now fully

[00:33:05] Stuart: involved. Yeah. It's, it's not a small process like that. How long does it take for you to put together a music video? Would, would you say

[00:33:13] GK Leonitis: usually, um, I'll shine. So if you go to my Youtube channel, I will video count awkward. Yeah. That video took us about an hour to shoot, you know, so it's like if you know what you're doing, You don't have to get 50 different cuts. You know what I mean? You know, we know what we're doing. We like what we're doing. Get us one or two of this. 11 or two of this one, get us some bureau, get us this get us this and it also depends on your locations like that was that video is in one location video. So we didn't have to change clothes or anything when you're dealing with changes of clothes etcetera anywhere from five hours to eight hours.

[00:33:52] Stuart: And that's just the filming like this editing is the other crazy things. You

[00:33:57] GK Leonitis: gotta know how you're doing. That. That also comes with your director. When the director knows how he's gonna edit the video, how he's going to transition into this scene and that scene beforehand, he already knows exactly what type of angles he's gonna shoot it. What's he going to go into? Then it becomes a breeze with the editor that just line it up. So okay, we're gonna go into this. Okay, we're gonna go to this. Okay, we're gonna he was already mapped out. You know what I mean? But when you're just dealing with an amateur, then what they usually do is film a lot. Then they would line all those all the clips up right? And then they would go in and pick the best clips for each part. And then they would add transitions to each, each time with the camera changes. You know what I mean? Add the effects. And I could take pretty long.

[00:34:40] Stuart: Yeah, I mean I do just audio and it takes a very long time. It's surprising how long the editing takes Uh And yeah I'm just looking at one line. I can imagine if you're dealing. Alright, last thing, so you're putting music together. What instrumentation do you do? You play an instrument?

[00:35:00] GK Leonitis: I actually have a studio. You want to see my studio?

[00:35:04] Stuart: Yeah, I want to see your studio. Yeah. Everybody wants to see your studio.

[00:35:07] GK Leonitis: Here we go. This is a core P A 1000. Nice MPC X. This is a phantom Roland, you know? And then over here this is where I sit down and I actually get to work. I have my my Macbook, I have my microphone and this is where the the sexy ladies cheer me on.

[00:35:30] Stuart: It's a good spot. I'm a little disappointed they're not there for this. Um No. Is that your, is that your place? Is that your house? Nice. How often do you wake up in the middle of the night and go record something?

[00:35:48] GK Leonitis: Yeah. Well wake up bright and early. Yeah. Yeah. I wake up bright and early and go to court.

[00:35:55] Stuart: That's good stuff. Alright cool. Well um good chat now we got to record a sketch so what we failed to mention to G. K. Both myself and his publicist was that we were going to record a sketch at the very end of the show. He had no idea but here's what I will tell you is if this whole rapping thing doesn't work out. He's got a great career in comedy in improv, comedy. G. K. He brought it. Let me tell you he really drove this entire sketch. I'm very excited for you to hear it also. He does make music and he's pretty good at it. G. K. Where can people find out more about

[00:36:39] GK Leonitis: you? Check me out on Youtube, I got my channel, you see, I got my set up. I'm gonna be, you know, in the clouds, talking about various topics, it's gonna start in March, you know, on instagram. G. K. Underscore sl if you go to instagram, you follow me on instagram, you're gonna see everything else. I'm gonna pitch everything. I'm gonna let everybody know what I'm doing on my stories. I'm gonna do realize I'm gonna do post. I'm gonna have my links in my bio just G. K. Underscore sl you got instagram, that's what you do.

[00:37:18] Stuart: Okay, well, if you follow the show on instagram, you know, I don't post very often, but now I have a reason to go on and check out instagram again, because G. K. Is going to be on there. I am very excited about March and seeing where he goes, and now, as I promised, here's a sample of G. K's newest track pressure, which is just banging their

[00:37:42] GK Leonitis: clubs right now. The pressure might drop the top on the Ferrari pressure pressure pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure. Wanna wanna clarify my hoes, gotta sharing. Will cherish spending money on designer, precious, precious, precious, precious, precious, precious spend a whole 24 hours in the trap which started at the bottom at the gap dick dinosaur on my damaged fresh off the showroom floor seats wrapped in plastic killer. Back home in a casket, pull up in a party. That is not a cat.

[00:38:53] Stuart: That's just a sample. If you want to check out more G. K. Stuff, go to youtube, go to Spotify Apple music. All the links are in the show notes. Go check it out. He's got a couple of songs aqua in love with myself. I there is a track for everyone. Let's just put it that way. And now our sketch. Yo, what's your next idea in three

[00:39:19] GK Leonitis: to cut? What the hell are you doing? Stop at the tape and put your hand on your hip. Okay now I don't need to set you up with another model. Okay, let's get another model. Where's my idea guy?

[00:39:36] Stuart: Oh hey. G. K. G. K. Um um All right, so here's what I was thinking. I know you're going to use another model. That's great. That's great. But I was thinking that maybe it would look better if she was wearing like a viking helmet. What do you think about a viking helmet, viking helmet? Yeah, viking helmet. And then she could also be riding a unicycle.

[00:39:56] GK Leonitis: Okay if I can help it. A unicycle now we need is a clown I don't know why don't you go to the circus with that idea and you tell me what they say because I'm gonna sit shooting a video for a rap star. Okay.

[00:40:13] Stuart: Okay. Alright. Alright. I'll

[00:40:14] GK Leonitis: be right back cut. Cut roll playback, roll playback. Let me let's see this. Give me a second guy. Okay, what's your idea now? What you got now?

[00:40:24] Stuart: Okay. So what I was thinking is you know how like rain falls from the sky? What if it was going from the

[00:40:31] GK Leonitis: cut? Cut. Cut. Cut the sun is shining. Okay, so make this fast. Let me hear this. Let me hear this.

[00:40:39] Stuart: Alright. Aren't barks lots and lots of our adverts and they're CG dancing in the background. Have you ever seen an aardvark dance?

[00:40:49] GK Leonitis: I have. I don't even know what the hard part is. Hang on, everybody take their places. 321 action. Ok. Just just like that. What are you saying?

[00:41:01] Stuart: Okay, so um the other thing I was thinking was there's this thing called ultimate frisbee instead of a frisbee. They could be playing ultimate dog toss

[00:41:12] GK Leonitis: cut. Cut cut. What you got the dogs now.

[00:41:15] Stuart: No, I mean we can we can train dogs for that. Or does anybody

[00:41:19] GK Leonitis: Everybody take 10? Take 10. Take 10? Hey listen, if you're gonna come with ideas, let's have some ideas that we can implement to this video shoot. Okay. We already have lives. Can

[00:41:32] Stuart: they wear like a dress?

[00:41:34] GK Leonitis: I don't know it wasn't in their contract. I have to talk to the zoologists and see what they think about that because they're so, we'd have

[00:41:41] Stuart: cross dressing. There's

[00:41:43] GK Leonitis: no need to bring someone else in. Need some ideas.

[00:41:45] Stuart: No, no, no, no. Okay. Okay. I've got, I've got this really great idea. What about if he just stands still and the camera just like zooms in on him and spins around him a little

[00:41:56] GK Leonitis: bit. That's not a bad idea. But when he zooms in, what is she zooming into?

[00:42:04] Stuart: I don't know, like is clothing or is like watch or is

[00:42:09] GK Leonitis: no, uh no, that's too cliche. I think I think he needs to zoom into a pimple on his face and I think the caramel needs to show impacts and I think it needs to show a burst of something coming out of the temple and it needs to be like diamonds and golden jewelry and women.

[00:42:30] Stuart: That's why you are the best video director of all time.

[00:42:35] GK Leonitis: Thank

[00:42:48] Stuart: you so much for joining us for sketch comedy podcast show. We hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it, make sure to head over to sketch comedy podcast show dot com there. You can subscribe to the show. Head over to Youtube and watch some of the videos and sketches. We've done there. Maybe head over to patreon and become a patron to the show that would be so much appreciated or you can leave a review someplace Or if you're feeling really saucy apply to be on the show. I appreciate every single one of you that listens to the show and I would love to hear more from you now. I got to get this out of the way sketch comedy podcast show is protected under a creative commons attribution, no derivatives 4.0 international license. Which means that if you would like to reproduce anything in the show, please contact the show so that I can get you the right material for it. And also, this show is copyright 2022 Stewart rice. Every day we are given a choice. Can we do the funny thing or the not so funny thing. I'm going to urge you to do the funny thing today and create an improvised comedy adventure of your own. Take care. See you next episode. Mm hmm, mm hmm.