Sex? Love? Comedy. | A Valentine's Day Special
Sketch Comedy Podcast Show
Sex? Love? Comedy. | A Valentine's Day Special
February 1, 2024
A Valentine's Day Special that may-or-may-not actually answer the question of whether or not Sex or Love is more important. Hint: It doesn't, but there are a lot of funny sketches for you!

Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Kenny G.

Welcome to a very special, sexy episode of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show. 

Love. It can be exciting and new. You could hop aboard, we would all be expecting you. Sex… it’s the way, the way, you go. Why am I badly quoting TV themes and poorly written 90’s hip-hop? Because there is likely no subject more covered in the history of song, story and media than these two subjects. In this very special episode, let’s get to the bottom of what is more important: Love or Sex.

We are going to start with one of the oldest and most well-known stories about love. What would happen if it took place in modern times? Pretty sure it would be something like this.
“A Modern Take on Romeo & Juliet”

One of the most romantic and, quite frankly, weird movies about love was the movie “Her”. There was a pretty saucy sex scene in it, and we were able to get the outtakes! Here is an example!
“Her Outtakes”

Fairy tales have often dictated what our expectations with love and relationships are. I don’t recall Charles Perrault writing it like this, but maybe it was part of his “After Dark” series.

Dating is one of the hardest and most demanding things we will put ourselves through. Here are a couple of sketches that highlight how difficult it is to connect with someone romantically on a date.
“Excuse Me, I’m Just a Little Nervous”
“Hand Massage”

Of course, the goal of any good date is one thing, riding the baloney pony to tuna town. Hopefully, it isn’t mundane and more like this.
 “Mind Blowing Sex”

Can’t find the person to commit to going all the way in a relationship? Maybe it’s time for…

After dating and arguments, and if you still want to even know of each other’s existence, sometimes things progress to an engagement. These are always beautiful experiences. Well, almost always.
“A Different Type of Engagement Ring”

I know that a lot of the people I have been with want a Superman. After this sketch, maybe even Superman ain’t all that great.
“Superman & Lois Lane at Home”

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